Your Top 10 Issues for 2016!!!

this is whats happeningWe did it.

After a six-month vetting process and dozens of conferences and community meetings, 2,590 ministers, parents, students, lawmakers, teachers, business owners, union members, service providers, and child advocates – like you – made your voices heard.

And now the results are in…

You can scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a snapshot of the Top 10 list, or better yet, explore the full list of issues and send a free letter to your legislators, asking them to support the platform! If you see an issue you are particularly interested in, contact the team leader below and let them know you want to help fight for it!

You can also help us keep this incredible movement going and sponsor a young West Virginian to attend the Kids and Families Day at the Capitol, January 28!

The Top 10: 

A huge thanks to the team leaders who researched, organized, and pushed for these issues, and to the 2,590 community leaders across the state who took the time to make their voices heard.

1. Mental Health Matters: Establish a Statewide Strategy for Combating Child Mental Illness.
Contact Kelli Caseman at

2. Protecting Quality Child Care Centers.
Contact Jeanette Barker at

3. Right to Work is Wrong.
Contact Josh Sword at

4. Second Chance for Employment.
Contact Amber Miller at
or Sara Whitaker at

5. Tax Reform to Protects Roads, Children, Seniors and Jobs / EITC.  Contact Ted Boettner at

6. Juvenile Justice: Redirect and Reinvest.
Contact Jennifer Meinig at

7. Stop Meth Labs.
Contact Judy Crabtree at

8. Increasing Local Food Access and Profitability.
Contact Jeremy Grant at

9. Afterschool Opportunities for All.
Contact Chris Kimes at

10. Expand Broadband Access.
Contact Natalie Roper at
Now our work is just beginning!

Don’t forget to e-mail your legislators and mark your calendar for Kids and Families Day on January 28, 2016!!!

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