We Love WV

A lot of folks are down on West Virginia.

Not us.

We wrote this book for everyone out there who loves West Virginia as much as we do. We wrote it for everyone who is too busy fighting for the future of our state, or too busy lending a hand to their neighbors, or too busy hiking the Long Point trail, to waste their time complaining.

We wrote this book for the heroes of our history — Pearl S. Buck and Booker T. Washington and Homer Hickam.  We wrote it for the heroes of today —  the thousands of unsung citizens serving their country in the armed forces, reforming their state through campaigns like Our Children, Our Future Campaign, and re-building their communities through initiatives like Try This West Virginia (www.trythiswv.com), the WV Community Development Hub, and Coalfield Enterprises.

And we wrote this book for all the young folks in this state who are committed to staying here, because you love it enough that you want to make it even better.

You are not alone.