Candidate Questionnaire


Thank you for your courageous decision to run for office—we want to invite you to work with us to help fight child poverty. The Our Children, Our Future Campaign has used the input of over 4,200 West Virginia community leaders to select a platform of bold, long term policy goals aimed at fighting child poverty. This election season we will take this platform to the people, reaching over 24,000 voters through community meetings, festivals, and door-knocking. We are calling the platform the “Commitment to Our Children, Our Future” – because our children deserve that sort of commitment. In addition to presenting our platform to the voters of West Virginia, we are asking you to let us know where you stand on these issues.

Our Children, Our Future is a statewide, non-partisan coalition of over 177 partners – congregations, community organizations, businesses, schools, unions, student groups, and families. We have won 21 policy victories in the last three years – ranging from truancy reform and expanding school breakfast programs to raising the minimum wage and protecting child care centers. Every one of our 21 victories has had majority support from both parties, and we are proud to have honored the 47 champion legislators (24 Democrats, 23 Republicans – including many of you!) who have played a leadership role in achieving one or more of those victories.

We need your help. We don’t expect any lawmaker to support every proposal, but we want to work with you even if you only support one. We need every shred of energy, creativity, and courage to put an end to child poverty in our state. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out this candidate questionnaire, and it will allow your positions, in your own words, to reach thousands of West Virginia voters. The results of the questionnaire will be presented with no editing through our website, at community forums, and other means.

To fill out the candidate questionnaire, click here.