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Stephen Smith in The Journal: Bi-Partisanship On Display Here in West Virginia

America used to believe in an ideal called statesmanship.
The notion was that a public leader would be responsible not to one party, but to the public good - that it was more important to solve problems than to win political points.
But we now live in a divided era, … Continue Reading ››

Charleston Summit a Preview of West Virginia’s Bright Future

leaderOne in four children in West Virginia lives below the official poverty line. That’s why the Our Children, Our Future campaign does what it does. That’s why we travel around the state listening to what West Virginians tell us what concerns them; that’s why we help them develop … Continue Reading ››

Got Voice? These Workshops Will Create Policies That Support WV Kids and Families

big and little.
Filter Collective/FlickrCC
Right now, citizens all over the state are building grassroots campaigns to shape and pass new state policies during the 2016 legislative session. These are citizens who are passionate about helping children and families, promoting healthy lifestyles, improving their community, strengthening the … Continue Reading ››